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News - April 23rd, 2012

Last tuesday morning, I woke up to the news about the passing of a man on the streets of Halifax.

I didn’t think it would be someone I knew, but it was.

A few hours later, I was on the phone, making calls.  Spokespersons, friends, editors. I filed and filed and filed report after report about the death of Raymond Taavel for Xtra.  You can see some of it here.


I went to the vigil for Taavel, wrote notes, recorded audio, and took photos.  I came home and wrote about it that night.  This was live, breaking news, and I had to report it, tell it.

The next day, I wrote about the reactions of the people, the businesses and the communitiesthat knew Taavel.  I wrote about the man who stands accused of his murder.


I spoke about Taavel in various media channels. I was asked to speak with Radio-Canada stations throughout the maritimes.  I spoke about it on Le Téléjournal Acadie.

One week later, there is still more to know.  More interviews to file.  More to be posted here.