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News - August 25th, 2012

I’m pretty lucky to get to write about food in Nova Scotia.

I recently had the opportunity to write about Sledding Hill for The Globe and Mail, and their lovely lavender products.


Over at The Coast, I’ve recently written about little bits of culinary adventure in Halifax, such as local tasting tours, and how (and where) to order off the menu in this city.

Meanwhile, in terms of arts reporting, I published a story in Halifax Magazine about a young filmmaker who is looking to document the local drag scene, and the family bonds that are formed within it. Back at The Coast, I wrote about the history of pride parades and protests in this city.

I also have a couple more stories for East Coast Living which should be online soon, as well as an interview with Naomi Duguid, co-author of Hot Sour Salty Sweet over at Passable in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!