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News - November 28, 2011

One of the great things that my recent position as a blogger for Xtra has given me is the chance to write on a daily basis. I’ve had the chance to write on a number of topics, from pop culture to current events.

I’ve taken to organising the posts thematically on the blog, with such categories as Popping Culture and more. Here are a few examples.

Op-eds are pretty self-explanatory. I recently posted an editorial about the Transgender Day of Remembrance. I also wrote about the RCMP officer who is blowing the whistle on improper behaviour in the handling of the Pickton case in B.C.

Queer Halifax
Halifax has a lot of interesting queer stories. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Lyn Murphy, who is part of a group of LGBTQ elders called Elderberries. I also wrote about how Halifax’s Youth Project created a mosaic to celebrate transgender individuals’ lives.


Love Letters To The Past

I firmly believe in revisiting and embracing the past, especially in terms of understanding cultural (and sexual) identities. I am a huge fan of the film and love how, 20 years later, it’s still a landmark of documentary filmmaking and queer culture. In the same vein, I also am a fan of oft-forgotten queer icons, such as Sal Mineo.

One of my favorite things about writing online is the immediacy in which people have access to certain things, such as art and artists themselves. We now have access to scenes that before,we would only hear about. For example, there is an artist based out of Los Angeles who has created a worldwide queer art phenomenon called Homo Riot. Films have also become much more accessible, in the case of artists like Jaime Carrera, who recently helped to create a silent film about the culture of online dating and cruising.

Open Letters
And lastly, I’ve also always been a fan of the open letter. It allows a more personal and often anecdotal way to speak to, rather than of a subject. I’ve written them to Scott Thompson andJohn Waters.

Stay tuned for more updates.