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News - July 30th, 2013

I've been writing about food for almost four years now, covering everything from dining options to trends and much more.

So I can say I was really excited when The Coast's editorial team gave me a spot at a cover story, talking about how Nova Scotia has been promoting its food culture both within and outside the province. 

Image by Geordan Moore, a.k.a.  The Quarrelsome Yeti

Image by Geordan Moore, a.k.a. The Quarrelsome Yeti

An excerpt: 

[...] more and more people inside and outside of this country are discovering how good it can be. "You see the other products, and you know you're in the upper echelon," says Taste of Nova Scotia's Janice Ruddock with pride. And she's right. Nova Scotia is no longer a quiet secret traded amongst a culinary cognoscenti. The secret is out, and it's time for everyone to know. Nova Scotian food producers are selling their wares within their own province and out to the world. However, there may still be a bit of work to be done at home. "Nova Scotia has a mystique about it," says Ruddock.

Check it out over at The Coast.