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Assis Toi Returns

Sometimes lightning does strike the same place twice. And sometimes three times.

Once again, I am doing my food series, "Assis Toi," for CBC Radio.

Microphones and agedashi tofu go rather well together. 

Microphones and agedashi tofu go rather well together. 

The stories will air on regional editions of Information Morning, including Halifax, Cape Breton, Saint John, Moncton, Fredericton, and Prince Edward Island. 

The first episode aired on July 3rd, and featured an interview with Top Chef Lauren Marshall. Marshall sits down with me to talk about how vegan food really is for everyone. You can listen to the episode at mainland Nova Scotia's Information Morning website, or you can download the podcast here

The second episode waxes nostalgic about seashore corn boils, along with a more contemporary approach to that sweet golden summer treat. (Stream or download the podcast).

In a new approach for this year's edition, all of the recipes, as well as tips and more, can be found over at