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On the menu: eggs, pies and cookies.

"Assis Toi" is continuing its summer journey into kitchens across the Maritimes.


The latest episodes of the CBC summer series take listeners from kitchens in the city, to down by the seashore.

Let's start by going down by the sea with Nick Budreski. Budreski is a fishmonger, a man-about-town, and the owner of The Shack, a waterfront oyster eatery. This guy knows his fish. Take a listen to Nick as he talks about a somewhat undervalued - at leat by most maritimers - seafood found in our waters: sea urchin.

Next, an encore of one last's seasons episodes, one I hold dear to my heart. Mothers are often the ones who introduce us to food in our lives, and the way they make things is often the way we expect them to taste. In my case, my mother's pie is a benchmark in pie making. Luckily, you too can find out how to make pie as good as my Mom makes.

And still on the baking tip, I venture to the kitchen where Halifax Cookie Cravings doles out all sorts of wonderful biscuits, and delivers them to your door.