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Designing a better beer

With summer comes a desire to drink cool things.  Hoppy, malty, cool things. And beer often fits the bill.

When it comes to making beer, it's a process that requires finesse, dedication, and an ability to solve all sorts of problems.  And who loves to solve problems more than engineers? Engineers who like to make beer.


In the latest episode of Assis Toi, I speak with Emily Tipton from Boxing Rock Brewing, and Josh Counsil from Good Robot Brewing.  You can stream it here, or you can download the podcast from iTunes

In the meantime, check out Have A Seat, the sister series to Assis Toi, which includes little bits of audio and anecdotes which didn't make it to air. 

Update, July 20th, 2015: CBC New Brunswick created a web story based on this piece, and included a New Brunswick based brewery amongst all the other engineer-owned breweries. 

Also, I never did post that Tom Waits track that Josh from Good Robot mentioned in Have A Seat. Take a listen and Step Right Up...