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Soy Bean Stories

I'd been buying tofu from this guy for a while now. Heck, I'd even written about it in The Coast. But I never really thought about the work that went into it. Or who else ate his tofu.  

But there was one person in particular who ate a lot of that tofu. His daughter, Pay Chen. Pay wrote a piece for Munchies, Vice's sister site. Entitled, "My Dad's Half-Baked Plan To Introduce Tofu to Atlantic Canada," , Pay talks about growing up in a household where tofu was not only a meal, but a topic of discussion. 

Inspired, I contacted Pay to see if I could interview her to talk a little more about her parents, her relationship with tofu, and the relationships that people have forged with her Dad because of his tofu. 


You can stream the story here, and download the podcast of this episode via Information Morning's on iTunes

You can also hear previously unaired excerpts of my interview with Pay with "Have A Seat", the sister to "Assis Toi."

Update:  On July 12th, CBC New Brunswick posted about the story on their website, giving the story a little extra traction. Many thanks to them.