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Have another seat...

Assis Toi is in full swing this summer, all across CBC Radio in the Maritimes, which means time for an update as to what's been aired and podcast.

First, there is Crystal. Crystal makes cakes under the moniker of Gateaux Rose. For her, baking isn't just about making things sweet. It's the idea behind the cake that matters. 

Then there is Ami Goto, whose love for Washoku - the traditions, the practices and mindful concepts around eating and making food found in Japan - is all-consuming, and very tasty. 

And to top it all off, there is Chris Reynolds from Stillwell Beer Bar, who teaches what I could find at the bottom of a beer glass.

Assis Toi Returns

Sometimes lightning does strike the same place twice. And sometimes three times.

Once again, I am doing my food series, "Assis Toi," for CBC Radio.

Microphones and agedashi tofu go rather well together. 

Microphones and agedashi tofu go rather well together. 

The stories will air on regional editions of Information Morning, including Halifax, Cape Breton, Saint John, Moncton, Fredericton, and Prince Edward Island. 

The first episode aired on July 3rd, and featured an interview with Top Chef Lauren Marshall. Marshall sits down with me to talk about how vegan food really is for everyone. You can listen to the episode at mainland Nova Scotia's Information Morning website, or you can download the podcast here

The second episode waxes nostalgic about seashore corn boils, along with a more contemporary approach to that sweet golden summer treat. (Stream or download the podcast).

In a new approach for this year's edition, all of the recipes, as well as tips and more, can be found over at

News - May 28th, 2012

It’s been a good month.

First, I began a new series of podcasts over at Passable, starting with a story about the resurgence in the art of butchery.

In other good news, Passable was recently honoured with a Best Local Food Blog prize from The Coast’s readers in their annual Best Of Food competition. Hooray!


I’m also still flexing my muscles over at The Coast, with two recent food articles, including one on the recent fad of Titanic-themed meals. The second was inspired by the recent Bluenose Marathon, where I asked: what do you eat when you’re in training?

Still in food, in late April, I had another piece published in OpenFile Halifax, this time asking about the importance (and difficulty) of anonymity amongst restaurant criticism.

Over at, I’ve had the occasion to write a couple of profiles on some interesting artists. The first is on Vincent Chevalier, whose work deals in questions of disclosure in the age of the internet. The second is about Graham Kolbeins, a multidisciplinarian who works in everything from blogging to curating to video editing. Check them both out, you won’t be sorry.

And one piece I am especially proud of was published in Halifax Magazine about the HFX 50, a project and list undertaken by a local entrepreneur who is more interested in social currency than financial ones.

News - December 11, 2011


I had the recent opportunity to interview Costas Halavrezos for The Coast. Costas recently celebrated his first anniversary at the Historic Halifax Market as The Spice Man. I’ve interviewed Costas before for Passable, including when he first opened up his stall at the market.

In the same issue of The Coast, I was asked to write about the Tawaak Housing Association, which provides affordable housing for aboriginal individuals and families. It was part of their annual Give Guide.

Over at Xtra, I recently wrote an op-ed about the 23rd anniversary of World AIDS Day. The article is a first person account of how people with HIV/AIDS have affected me in my life.

I have a few more projects coming up and getting ready to hit the presses, so stay tuned!

News - June 9, 2011

It’s summer time, which means I am thinking about food.

ecl screen.png

I had the luck of writing a story about barbecued and smoked foods for East Coast Living. The article includes interviews with New Brunswick chef Jesse Vergen – whom I recently interviewed on Passable – as well as fellow Saint John resident, Michael Hawkins, from Food Funk. The photos for the article were taken at Cole Harbour’s own Aaron Legge, who blogs about his barbecue escapades at SchoonDawg Barbecuin’.

Image courtesy of East Coast Living.