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Assis Toi 2014: List of Episodes

2014 was the first year that Assis Toi was broadcast throughout the Maritimes, and not just in mainland Nova Scotia. As such, some of the links you will find below may lead you to episodes which first aired in other provinces.  

Like in the episodes from 2015, you may also find links to blog posts about each story. They are hosted on Passable, a now defunct website I used to contribute to. 

Episode 1 : There is more to vegan food than proselytizing about the virtues of an animal-free diet. There is flavour. So much flavour, and finesse.  (Blog)

Episode 2 :  Sweet summer days means sweet summer corn. Thanks to Feisty Chef Renée Lavallée, not a kernel will be wasted. (Blog)

Episode 3 :  Crystall Ross may not be a professional baker, but every cake she bakes is special to her, and the memory of her grandmother, Rose. (Blog)

Episode 4 : Washoku is a tradition of preparing, storing, cooking, and storing food that has been practiced in Japan for thousands of years. And in one Halifax kitchen, the tradition lives on. (Blog)

Episode 5 : For years, I didn't drink beer. I didn't appreciate the work that went into it, let alone the flavours. But then I met Chris Reynolds, from Stillwell Beer Bar, here in Halifax.  I've never been the same since.  (Blog)

Episode 6 : Nick Budreski extolls the virtues of whore's eggs. Uh, I mean sea urchins.  (Blog)

Episode 7 : Forget a bicycle built for two. How about a bicycle that delivers cookies to your doorstep? (Blog)

Episode 8 : Many a cancer patient loses their sense of smell and taste due to treatments. How does one view food then? (Blog)

Episode 9 : Sandor Katz passes through Nova Scotia to share his gospel of all things fermented.  (Blog)

Episode 10 : Finishing the series with a nightcap, I tag along with food writer Melissa Buote who introduces me to a stellar cocktail, The Trinidad Sour.

Bonus Episode: This one is a personal fave. Originally broadcast in 2013, I decide to ask my favourite pie maker, my Mom, to show me the ropes