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It's one thing to produce work for other publications, but it's quite another to have them write about your work. 

Here you will find links to select stories about my book, Pantry and Palateas well as various other stories about my work as a food writer. 



Earlier this year, Chatelaine magazine published a list of "10 spring cookbooks we want on our bookshelf," and Pantry and Palate found itself nestled in amongst such titles as Elizabeth Pruiett's Tartine All Day, and Melissa Clark's Entertaining. Click here to see the whole list. 

Chatelaine also went on to interview me for their Chatelaine Cooks The Books series, in which we discussed everything from fring frangs to rendering lard, and the importance of preserving culinary history and heritage.  You can watch the video here


The Globe and Mail put Pantry and Palate on the cover of the Life section in the month of May, featuring an excerpt of the book, as well as a recipe. The Globe later went on to include it amongst other books that came out that year that explored Canadian cuisine


The Canadian Press also wrote about the book in an interview that appeared in newspapers across the country, including The National Post. CBC also posted about my work in preserving culinary history on their website, which you can read here. 

I also had a great time talking with authors Lindy Mechefske and Jonah Campbell at Quill and Quire magazine. We chatted about everything from what it's like to write cookbooks in a market saturated by celebrity cookbooks to what Canadian food writing is all about. 


I also had the chance to do various interviews for television and online media. TFO, a french-language arts and culture news organisation came to Halifax to do a story which you can view below. 


I have a real love for radio/audio production, and to be on the other side of the mic is a privilege I embrace. 



In February , I had the chance to visit the studios at KCRW's Good Food while visiting the greater Los Angeles area.  I wrote about it here, and you can listen to the interview here

Jonna Brewer over at Information Morning in Moncton, New Brunswick and I had a great conversation about Pantry and Palate as well as the need to preserve foodways.

Over on the french side at Radio-Canada, I was part of a series of talks with various other francophones on the history of French-Canadian cuisine in its many forms.