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To listen to podcasts of Assis Toi, simply click on the episode you wish to hear. To see blog posts - and videos - about each story, click on the link at the end. Some of the blog posts also include previously unaired audio, posted online as a separate show entitled Have A Seat. 

Episode 1: Joy Hillier hated fudge. That is, until she started to make it herself when she and her husband Malcolm started Fudgelicious. (Blog)

Episode 2: Pay Chen remembers how her father, an immigrant from Taiwan, made a taste of home in the form of tofu. He not only fed his family, but many others as well. (Blog

Episode 3: At least two breweries in Nova Scotia are owned and operated by former engineers. So what is it about engineers and beer? I spoke with Emily Tipton from Boxing Rock Brewery and Josh Counsil from Good Robot Brewing. (Blog) 

Episode 4: David Parks spent a lot of time in Mexico City and fell in love with its cantina and food stand culture. Inspired, he opened his own stand, called La Cantina. (Blog) 

Episode 5: Learning to cook can be intimidating. I learned to cook thanks to the cookbooks I borrowed from my local library. So I spoke with the woman responsible for filling those shelves, as well as others who gleaned so much from perusing aisles of cookbooks.  (Blog) 

Episode 6:  Valerie Mansour's mom brought a taste of Lebanon with her when she moved to Nova Scotia in the 1940s. She also brought a bright personality, and a desire to teach as many people as she could about Lebanese foodways.  (Blog)  

Episode 7: Never underestimate Instagram. That's how I found out that Montreal's Chef Antonio Park was visiting the area. He sat down to tell me how an encounter with a family of fishermen made him appreciate the seafood he serves in a new way. (Blog)

Episode 8: Lyndell Findlay left behind a career in the UN working with refugees for her true love: cheese making. (Blog)

Episode 9: Sébastien Dol used to follow his father on mushroom foraging adventures. His father isn't around anymore, but the adventures continue.  (Blog)

Episode 10: Joshawa Lamkey thought he was providing a service by sharpening knives. What he encountered was a repository of stories.  (Blog) 

For episodes from 2014, click here.