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News - Jan 16, 2012

One of the best things about working in journalism is gaining access to the people you admire, whether they be artists, writers or just plain fascinating.

I recently was asked by East Coast Living to write an article about charcuterie, so I thought, “Why not talk to the man who has helped make charcuterie so popular lately?”

And so, I had the chance to interview Michael Ruhlman, author of “Charcuterie” as well as various other wonderful books, and the co-author of Thomas Keller’s cookbooks. Ruhlman’s book on the subject was so popular that he created “Charcutepalooza”, an online event where bloggers around the world discussed their own charcuterie escapades.

The upcoming issue of ECL hits newsstands this spring.


Over at Down East, I had the occasion to interview an artist named Jaime Carrera, whose videos I enjoyed so much, I wrote about them twice.

Down East also accords me the chance to talk about pop culture happenings, as in the case of a recent book by bon vivant Simon Doonan, entitled Gay Men Don’t Get Fat. Um, sure?

Image from “Passing” by Jaime Carrera and Tyler Jensen.